Malte Heckelen

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Digital Humanities

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I am a researcher at the University of Stuttgart. Coming from a background in Sociology, I write my dissertation at the Department of Digital Humanities.

In my dissertation project, I analyze data on U.S. superhero comic books. Using social network analysis, my main interest is the evolution of the professional network of creatives as well as that of the character network. If possible, I want to gleam insights on how both might have influenced each other.

For a side project, I also am interested in Opinion Dynamics. For this, I use simulation as well as data gathered via the Twitter API. Access to Twitter data is a limited commodity, but with a little help it becomes a little less limited. If you can donate your Twitter access token (not your login) to my research "app", this would help me considerably. There are no disadvantages for you and my app cannot look at any of your personal data. Read all about it under Help Me Out.

If you're interested, check out my ongoing projects under Research. I also run a little blog under Blog where I write about little snippets from my research or just about what interests me.

For questions, suggestions or exchange, please contact me on any of my social media or shoot me an email under